BODY LANGAUGE - The Silent Signals

"55% of opinion is formed based on body language" - Dr Solomon will take you through a humorous yet educational presentation of body langauge in the corporate space

The study of body language helps us to understand what people really mean and not just what they say.


Very often what someone may be telling you is different from what they are actually thinking and feeling.


Understanding body language helps a person to communicate and interact more effectively with others - essential skills for people whose business or personal lives involve dealing with others on a regular face-to-face basis. Often body language is more believable than verbal communication.


The presentation is interactive, informative and entertaining and deals with the following:

  • How to read body language

  • The reliability of body language

  • The importance of image

  • Gestures

  • Eye signals

  • Territories and zones

  • Seating arrangements

  • Power play and body language

  • Arm and leg barriers

  • Courtship gestures

  • The importance of voice tone

  • Picking up signals - lying/honesty

  • Becoming better at reading body language - first impressions body language in business (interviewing, selling, negotiating etc.) 

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