Pornography addiction: you not alone

Since the advent of smartphones and tablet devices, I have seen a major increase in compulsive porn use which has become one of most widespread problems destroying individuals and relationships.


This often leaves partners with feelings of pain and betrayal. You too, may be experiencing feelings of shame, pain, and confusion.

Porn addiction does not discriminate!


I have treated individuals aged 19 to 65 struggling with these problems and I have helped people from all walks of life overcome these challenges.

You may be asking “do I really have such a problem with porn?”

Some of the signs of porn addiction include:

  • Experiencing cravings to view porn and become angry and defensive when asked to stop using porn.

  • Being unable to stop using porn or engaging in behaviours associated with porn, despite attempts to quit.

  • Looking at pornography when you are bored, anxious, or lonely

  • Looking forward to being alone so you can look at porn

  • Keeping pornography habits hidden from loved ones.

  • Continue to use porn despite negative consequences affecting work and home life.

  • Wasting/Losing much time due to spending it using porn

  • Requiring more and more use of porn and more frequently to achieve the same initial ‘kick”/” rush” / “intense pleasure” you once experienced, as well as reduced sexual satisfaction with a partner when pornography is not involved

  • Feeling guilty or ashamed after looking at pornography

  • Substantially decreased or increased desire for sexual activity related to amount of porn consumed and greater than ever desire for increasingly explicit pornographic material

If you identify with some of the above, then indeed there may be a problem. However, “consuming” pornography does not automatically mean that you have an addiction to porn.

I’ve also successfully treated many men with porn induced erectile dysfunction, porn induced ejaculatory problems and porn induced problems of low sexual desire/arousal (low libido) as well as men who prefer watching porn to having sex!

Patients report that making the first appointment was one of the most difficult steps in this process – some have waited years before taking this most important and courageous first step.

Don’t delay – confidential help is available, freedom from pornography is possible.

Call now to book an appointment.

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