Stress has surpassed the common cold as the most prevalent health problem in our society today.


Stress as we know it is a permanent condition. It's here to stay and hence it cannot be ignored. It is a by-product of 21st Century living. Stress that is not adequately managed can affect all aspects of our lives - including the intimate/sexual side.


Signs of stress include:  headaches, fatigue, sleep disturbance, feeling irritable, anger, anxiety or depression, as well as experiencing a loss of sexual drive. In the work environment this may include increase in errors, lowered productivity and poor quality of work.


In our time-pressured achievement-orientated society people are burning out - physical and mental resources are depleted. Furthermore, there is great difficulty in balancing one's work and home life.


This situation of stress and burnout in the work situation (boardroom) spills over into the home (bedroom) environment.


This unique presentation is dynamic, highly informative and relevant to all. It is presented with a great deal of humour. Delegates will certainly enjoy this "different from the usual" educational and entertaining presentation.


The content of the presentation includes:


            -           How stress affects intimate relationships


            -           Common relationship/intimacy problems


            -           The differences between male and female needs


            -           Family stress


            -           How to create the balance between work and play


            -           How to enrich your intimate relationship.


Individuals who are happy within themselves and who enjoy a good intimate relationship are often far more productive and efficient in the workplace. They are more motivated, energetic, miss fewer days at work and enjoy a greater degree of work satisfaction.


This is the presentation that is bound to have everyone "talking" at your conference.




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