Assisted reproductive procedures, including in vitro fertilization (IVF), can be a most difficult, demanding and emotional process. For many women the transition from conceiving a baby by natural means to a medical and clinical procedure often creates added stresses.


Recent studies have shown that women who used clinical hypnosis during IVF had double the chance of success. The studies highlighted the fact that women who are more relaxed during IVF had a higher chance of success and were better able to deal with all the procedures involved.


The Clinical Hypno-Fertility programme has been formulated to help women emotionally, mentally and physically prepare their bodies for successful IVF. Clinical Hypnosis is essentially a deep state of relaxation, which can be easily learned. In this state it is possible to access your subconscious mind to make positive changes through appropriate suggestions and visualisations.


The Clinical Hypno-Fertility Programme will assist you to prepare your body to be in the best state possible to respond to your IVF cycle or any other assisted reproductive procedures.


There may be certain fears or issues or roadblocks that might keep a woman from conceiving. There may be subconscious issues around pregnancy, labour, childbirth, medical treatments, motherhood, unresolved issues from a  woman's own childhood and worries about balancing a family and a career. For the couple experiencing infertility issues, hypnotherapy is an effective therapeutic intervention that can shed light and help resolve subconscious issues that might be preventing a successful pregnancy.


Stress and male fertility

Studies have shown that male fertility can be affected by psychological stress. Furthermore a man’s sense of self worth is often affected negatively. It can lead to depression, relationship problems and place a strain on the sexual relationship. However the good thing is that many of these problems can be treated.

The Clinical Hypno-Fertility Programme has been designed to help you deal with these uncertainties and to help you gain and feel more in control once again, creating a far greater positive expectation of success. The techniques learned will help you to create biochemical changes in your body that positively affect how you feel and handle the stressors of a cycle. These changes will also help you to balance your hormones and to reduce the negative effects that stress has on your body

This programme will help you:

  • Manage all clinical procedures more comfortably

  • Increase your feelings of control, confidence and well-being

  • Learn incredibly powerful and practical techniques to help you stay more relaxed

  • during all procedures

  • Manage administering injections more easily including self administration of injections

  • Stay calm and relaxed during the removal of eggs and during the replacement of embryos

  • Reduce stress and symptoms of anxiety and depression

  • Sleep better, have more energy and feel more optimistic

  • Overcome any fears connected with IVF or with conceiving

  • Resolve any specific subconscious blocks that may be preventing you from conceiving

The psychological distress of infertility, for both men and women, can also take a toll on one’s health. Research has shown that women who are highly stressed and depressed are less likely to become pregnant either naturally or through assisted reproductive techniques. A key objective of The Clinical Hypno-Fertility Programme is to help alleviate symptoms of depression, anxiety and other psychological difficulties in an effort to create a greater possibility of becoming pregnant. 


An IVF cycle can take a toll on you both physically and emotionally. The very process of participating in a cycle can make you feel out of control, anxious, and fearful. Often, the worry that sets in can have a negative effect. You could be affecting your cycle with these emotions. That worry creates more fear and anxiety. This cycle of negative emotions creates an even more difficult emotional environment, which magnifies the physical difficulties of an IVF cycle.

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